Download and Use of An Auto Clicker for Windows 10 – A Full Guide on Mouse Clickers!

Auto clicker as the name suggests, it is a program which automates the physical process and makes the task easier for us. It automates your mouse clicks at specific places as per the requirements and used especially for video games and several other applications. The speed of the auto clickers and other settings are decided by the users. For the diverse variety of devices, this form of software or a program is built up by a number of companies. These auto clickers can be obtainable for Windows, tablets, PC’s, mobiles etc. 

The algorithm behind this program is very accurate that it handles the task smoothly in a similar manner as the task is handled by humans. The most fascinating thing is that you can actually run the accuracy click test at CPS test and see how efficient it is. Also, these software’s offers a collection of customizable features as well. Now, in this article we will not only discuss its features and download procedure but we will discuss all the details about this particular app which will definitely help you to resolve any queries related to Auto Clicker. 

Features of an Auto Clicker (Windows Version)

  • Set the time interval accordingly
  • Select the path to click at a particular spot or to follow the cursor
  • A free and an Open-source software
  • Choose the options of triple clicking, double or single one
  • Select as to click on which mouse button accordingly
  • Change the hotkeys
  • Set the number of clicks according to your criteria
  • Free from Malware and Virus
  • Lesser Usage of CPU
  • It is portable a Software

Download Auto Clicker for Windows – Free and Secure 

Auto Clicker is one of the most prominent software that provides the efficient set of features which is very helpful while playing the several games. Well, there are numerous emulators which will help us to download the Auto Clicker on Windows in just a couple of minutes. Let us have a look for this method:

Step 1: Click on the “Download Button” to download the .exe auto clicker file.

Step 2: Jump into the Downloads, open the downloaded file.

Step 3: Start the installation process by the given instructions in the installer setup.

Step 4: Agree on all the “Terms and Conditions” and policies after a read by ticking on the box.

Step 5: You’ll see few offers also in the installer. You cloud choose them if you want.

Step 6: Finish the setup, launch the auto clicker, and start automating your manual rapid clicks. 

Well, if you aren’t using the Auto clickers on Windows to automate the clicks while playing your favourite games or using your bestest applications, you will lose the stamina, strength and will get irritated. So instead of slamming the mouse for so long, start using the Auto Clickers on Windows to ease your tasks. Therefore, do download the Auto clickers for Windows by following the above process and hit your rivals in the game.

How to Setup and Use an Auto Clicker Software on Windows 10?

To play the game comfortably, we use Auto Clickers so that our hands won’t get tired. Most of the clicks are managed by the tool itself through which online games must be easier to play. So, let us see how to setup an Auto Clicker on PC:

Step 1: First step is to run the Auto Clicker software on your PC. Do remember to run the tool as admin.

Step 2: Running it with admin rights will enable you to communicate the Mouse click application with your desktop games simply. 

Step 3: Now start the Auto clicker tool by using the keyboard shortcuts. Also, if you haven’t configured keyboard shortcuts yet then do configure it.

Step 4: Now you can easily start or stop the automated clicking process.

Step 5: Do note if somehow the keyboard shortcut isn’t working, use the mouse shortcut option.

So, this is how we use auto clicker software and once you proceed ahead with your beloved game, you can try the advanced options of the auto clicker tool as well. 

List of Some of the Best Auto Clicker Softwares for Windows

GS Auto Clickers

In GS Auto Clickers, GS stands for Golden soft which is the leading software and useful to automate the iterative tasks. This software not only saves time and energy but also boosts the productivity of your games or apps. For beginners, it is one of the simplest, efficient and marvellous option to enhance productivity. Now, this software is only designed for the Windows operating system. Being a beneficial software, it provides the user with the automatic clicking with lots of extraordinary features. It can even record the clicks which are required to perform a particular action. Let us quickly spot its features.

1. Customization: Having the superset of customization options, you can even choose the clicks in terms of single or double ones. In Fact, you can put on a timer for the clicks such as in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds accordingly as needed by you. 

2. Recording: This feature lets you record the number of clicks to enhance the performance. After giving the commands to the tool for the recording of clicks, the tool takes the rest of the care to proceed.

3. Hotkey: To start a clicking process, you needed a key which is known as the hotkey. So, after choosing the hotkey, you can initiate the process of clicking.

OP Auto Clicker

Now, OP Auto clicker consists of a wholesome package of all amazing set of features which is much better than an ordinary auto clicker. OP Auto clicker consists of two distinct modes which gives you the dynamic variations of a number of ways. If we discuss further about these two current modes, then one is to click on the same point and the other is the pre-defined area where you want the cursor which is fed already into the software’s memory. Now, as we have seen the feature of hotkeys above, this feature works for this tool also in the background. Well, you can even choose a variety of clicks such as single, double or even triple also. Now just let’s stalk into the features:

1. Time Duration: With this efficient feature, you can set the duration of time between the two consecutive clicks. Also, if you want the iteration of clicks to happen, then you can set the mode to zero so that it can start the set of commands again.

2. Click Option and Type: Here, you can customize the click option and type according to you. But remember that in this case, only single click or double is the only available option.

3. Hotkeys Changes: Being a user-friendly option, you can initiate and stop the clicking process with the help of hotkeys. Also, the most important thing is that you can change it again and again according to your needs.

Perfect Automation

Perfect automation is one of the best tools to resolve the complexities of Windows. It consists of the marvellous set of features. This software comes with a mouse and keyboard recorder, an advanced script writer, a program launcher etc. which makes it unique and useful for the users. It simply automates the process without writing a piece of code. Let us have a tour to the features:

1. Keyboard and mouse Recording: With this unique feature, you can easily record the behaviour of the mouse or keyboard. Do notice the flawless results after performing this action. Just try this awesome feature for the smooth working further.

2. Scheduler: Now, scheduler is an additional thing when the person is a multitasker. Sometimes, it is very cumbersome to remember a list of tasks. 

3. Script Editor: This feature will be of great use as it can provide you the variety of options to automate the desired tasks. Here you can execute a number of commands and be able to generate executable files. 

Free Auto Clicker

Now this Free auto clicker is for both Mac and Windows which automates the clicking process very efficiently. It has a set of advanced features which makes it the best tool. Also, it is absolutely free of cost as the name says. Moving further on to the features:

1. Efficient Tool: In terms of accuracy, it is said that this software or tool is one of the efficient tools. Who doesn’t want accurate clicks, which is the most needed specially by the games as it is much required to win the actual game? Here also, you can record the clicks. 

2. Universal Use: Well, the gaming category is one of the critical categories which requires a good tool to perform the task effectively. Also, this tool is equally the bestest option not only for gamers but also for other applications, software’s etc. as well. 

3. Free tool: Well, this tool is totally free of cost available which saves your hard-earned money to automate the clicks.

4. Customization: This feature is really helpful as the users can easily customize their tasks as per your requirements and criteria.

Roblox Automatic Clicker

Now Roblox Automatic clicker consists of wide variations of auto clickers which helps to ease the process of gaming in a spectacular way. Well playing 3D games online involves a lot of clicking process constantly which makes the user tired but with the help of these clickers, the users can play 3D games easily without any hussle. Also, the most important thing is that it is available for both iOS and Android. Let’s see the features further:

1. Customization: Being a custom software, it has the ability to customize the clicks and read the memory accordingly.

2. Trigger: A user can use this tool as a trigger so that the automated clicks can be performed again with a help of trigger.

3. Infinite clicks: This tool consists of the feature of reset the clicks infinite times accordingly.

Games Where Auto Clicker Will Be Nifty – Make Score in Quintrillion!

Cookie Clicker

The most famous idle game in the world of clicker games. In this game, you have to Save the World by collecting as many cookies as you can. The faster you click, the more cookies you get. At this point, an auto clicker for cookie clicker gives you a tremendous boost. Set the clicker to a dynamic cursor position with no time interval between clicks. While in the game, just bring your cursor on a cookie and the clicker will click it for you. 

Pizza Presser

Every click resembles a Pizza being pressed. The faster you click, the more you can serve to the customers and that’s how you grow your restaurant channel. You don’t have to throw clicks manually, the auto clicker will robotically automate the clicks for you to serve more pizzas that will lead you to the highest score in the game.


Auto Clicker for Roblox can outstandingly boost-up your firing rate. Moreover, it allows you to set a hotkey for a particular action that you have set already. Suppose you have created the auto clicks action on the firing button on a defined hotkey. Now, whenever you see the enemy, just aim at the enemy and press the hotkey that you have set already to start firing massively at him until you stopped. Auto firing will be executed by the auto clicker software robotically and you’ll don’t need to press every single fire manually.

Doge Miner (1st and 2nd)

Both versions are click-based games and your score depends on how faster you click. Every click in the game determines how deep your dog is mining. By using a macro recorder you could automate your clicks, increase your click rate, mine deeper, and score in decillion.

Room Clicker

In this game, you can earn points by clicking anywhere in the room. Of course, there are few hard areas in the room by clicking there you can earn additional points. With the help of an auto clicker, you must set the cursor on these hardpoints to make a score in quadrillion figures.


Are auto clickers are a bot?

No, absolutely not. They aren’t a bot. The difference between a bot and an auto clicker is that an auto clicker performs a single action whereas the bot executes many.

Difference between click mode and repeat mode?

Well, the difference is that through the click mode the user can click one or more points. On the other hand, the use of the repeat mode is to record the clicks and keyboard type. Then in repeat mode it iterates the clicks. In case you want to auto click either one or more than one button, then you should select click mode. Also, if you are using a click and drag option then you should opt for repeat mode.

Does Windows 10 have an auto clicker?

Actually Windows 10 does not come with an auto clicker facility. But you can download the best auto clickers for Windows 10 i.e., GS auto clicker or OP auto clicker. These auto clickers are best for Windows 10.

Are there any Auto Clickers for Mac?

Yes of course, they are available for Mac also. So, Mac auto clickers are the best auto clicker in terms of performance and are very easy to use tools.

What are the best Auto Clickers?

Auto clickers are designed especially for gamers as they are a must require tool for them. So, the best auto clickers in terms of quality, performance and graphical user interface are GS auto clickers and OP auto clickers.

Does Hypixel ban auto clickers?

If we talk about the Hypixel algorithm, then Hypixel is designed in such a way that they can easily detect auto clickers. So, while playing games, it is quite better to avoid such tools else your account can get banned.

Are Auto Clickers for Windows illegal?

No, not at all they aren’t illegal. It is specially used in gaming but we can say that sometimes it can disturb the integrity of the player while the user is playing the games.


Auto clickers in today’s life are a very useful tool which has made the task easier especially for the gamers. Well, the Android and iOS versions are already available in the market, so to download it for Windows PC, you need to follow the above guide and install it to make the clicks unchallenging for your game. The enormous popularity of the Auto Clickers has simplified the task of gamers. So, the users must use this impressive and freeware applications of various auto clickers for the varied devices as per their requirements.

Therefore, do read the article and download your favourite tool of auto clickers on Windows 10 and if any issue persists, then do comment in the box below. We will be happy to guide you with the right direction to resolve your queries.

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