YouTube Shorts is Set to Watermark Videos Like TikTok


The YouTube shorts community is excited to announce they will soon be marking their videos just like TikTok! This means that when you make a Shorts Club comic, photo or animation; your creations will have an identifying watermark on them so people can find more of what interests them most.

Watermarks are added to videos when you download and cross-post them.

YouTube is now rolling out a new feature that automatically adds watermarks to all of the videos you download from YouTube. These are just short clips, but it’s still another way for them to make money off your creativity!

The watermark on each video posted to TikTok identifying it as being from the app has a familiar look and feel. You can tell whose videos you’re looking at because of how it moves around, almost like they’re dancing in front our eyes!

YouTube used to allow shorts without any watermarks but that is changing with this new update.

Features of Watermarking YouTube #Shorts

This new watermarking feature on Youtube shorts was announced in a recent support thread.


“If you’re a creator who downloads your Shorts from YouTube Studio to share across other platforms, prepare yourself – there’s now an ugly watermark attached that’ll ruin the whole experience for everyone!”, they said.

They also said, “The team has added a watermark to the shorts you download so that your viewers can see which platform they’re watching on.”

The rollout for this new feature will be gradual, with updates coming over the next couple of weeks on desktop but it could take months before you see these features in action if your device isn’t compatible.

The watermark will be applied automatically when you try to download and cross-post YouTube Shorts.

The Battle of Watermarks

TikTok adds a watermark to its videos along with the creator’s handle. The bouncing handle is attention-grabbing and prevents cropping, making it hard for people who want their video edited just how they please!

With the new update from Meta, this is a potential problem for competitors as they might be downranked in search engine results because of their own algorithm.

The world of video is changing with the upgrade to high definition. This means that if you want your content viewed on more than just YouTube, it’s best practice for now and in future generations too create videos using third party software so they can be shared across platforms without worrying about watermarks or copyright strikes!

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