How to Start Career with Youtube and Make Huge Money in 2023


We all know 2022 is just about to end and that’s good because this year taught us many good lessons like how to be more creative and productive while sitting at home digitally (WFH) 😆.

Anyway, if you are planning to make career and earn money from Youtube in 2023, it is essential for you to grab the attention of your audience. This is because; your audience is able to unlock the potential of earning money and create many revenue streams to help you in earning million dollars actually. In this blog post, you will come to know about a few strategies to make money easily.


Make Money As a YouTube Partner

You have to set yourself as one of the YouTube partners and you can do this easily by visiting the section of Creator Studio present in your YouTube account. Later on, you have to pass through the Channel menu for the verification of your account and activate the option of monetization. Once you become a partner, you should possess an AdSense account to choose the advertisement network of Google to receive the payment and look at reports showing ad revenues.

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Once you complete this, you have to notice a green colored $ sign next to the videos present in the Video Manager. This indicates whether it has become eligible for monetization, on which you click to gain access to the settings of monetization for each of the videos. Despite the steps involved to set up as a YouTube partner, advertising as a YouTube partner is a difficult task to get benefits from the lucrative revenue stream.

Tips To Create Advertisement On YouTube


As a YouTube partner, you should stay transparent about launching your advertisement on the platform and make sure about providing advertisement-friendly contents. For this, your ad content should never contain any advertisement, which is-

  • Sexually suggestive type, which includes sexual humor and partial nudity.
  • Violence combined with display of severe injuries and events associated with violent extremism.
  • Vulgar language, inappropriate language, along with profanity and harassment.
  • Promotion, sales, abuse and usage of any regulated substance or drugs.
  • Sensitive or controversial events and subjects, including political conflicts, war, tragedies, natural disasters and similar others.

Selling of Products and Merchandises

Selling various merchandises, such as coffee mugs, t shirts, snap-backs and tote bags give you a huge amount of revenue and plenty of benefits. This will increase the exposure by simply putting the online brand as well as personality out from the offline world.

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In addition, this boosts your relationship in between your fans and you, as they buy whatever you supply. After this, to deal with your customers and place orders, you should integrate the store with valuable services or a large number of print-on-demand providers taking proper care of your customer support, fulfillment and shipping to reap each benefit from a drop-shipping business to demand less effort on your side.

Alternatively, individuals wanting to make money can opt to collaborate with the already existing merchandising network for various creators. However, in this case, you have to compete with many other YouTube users prevailing in the marketplace and have limited control on addition of products, providing discounts, integration of contents and every other benefit associated with owning an eCommerce website.

Even you should move a step ahead by creating and selling unique products of your own to power your business via your YouTube channel. Thus, you get two major benefits, which include-

  • Content engine to drive a huge amount of traffic to your online store.
  • Trust of your audience, which you earn already based on regular serving them your content brand at free of cost.

Go With The Option Of Crowd Fund

Since money is essential in between any idea and its execution crowd-funding acts as an excellent way to accomplish it. Whether you require help in buying improved equipment, hiring of actors or covering other related production costs, you may opt to call upon the audience and the crowd funding community for pitching in if your advertisement idea is compelling for others.

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Fan Funding To Get Support From Audience To Your Work


Similar to the option of crowdfunding any project, one can opt to set up the required fan funding streams to source various donations available from the audience. As one of the creators, you have to contribute your voice online without forcing the audience to make payment for your admission. Hence, in case of good content, your audience will provide you full support and that too on an ongoing basis. Most of the fan-funding platforms provide creators an excellent place or platform for many people to discover the contents and the way, in which you should engage the loyal audience and give reward for providing you the necessary support.

License The YouTube Content To Media

If you opt to create any viral video with a huge appeal, you should license the respective content in exchange of your spend money. Morning shows, TV news outlets, online news websites and various other creators are able to reach out about various rights to use your YouTube videos in case they go to become viral.

Choose To Work With An Affiliate Or An Influencer

Today, a large number of brands have started making investments repeatedly in the influencer marketing by spending typically big advertising budgets on influences. This is because; they have already gained loyalty from their audiences. If you opt to negotiate the appropriate deal, you will get a pool of opportunity being a creator.

Call To Action In Your YouTube Videos

Most of the YouTube channel owners include call to action with a few interesting lines at the end of their uploaded videos to improve their viewership. Based on suggesting about the intended action, you expect to get a large number of audiences. You should choose this approach to get direct attention from your audience towards the opportunity of generating revenues.

Promote The Offers On Platforms Other Than YouTube Also

Merely hosting your content on YouTube never implies that you should avoid taking benefit from other distribution channels. Instead, you should spread words about your new ad campaigns or discounts on social media platforms. Probability of gaining popularity in YouTube depends solely on the number of places your message becomes live.

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