Facebook Launched Avatars in India: Let’s See How You Do Create Yours


Finally, there’s a new feature that has been released by Facebook where you can design your own customized avatar accordingly to your Physique and show-off your digital facade on social media platforms. It was launched on 16th May 2020 for United States users only but two days ago from today; Facebook launched it for Indian users as well with Indian styling dresses and outfits. Since then, it’s becoming a trend nowadays and people are really enjoying creating personalized avatars on their own. Apart from creating a custom avatar, Facebook allows you multiple options to do with it. You can set it as your FB’s profile picture, can send it to your friends as a funny beckon on different messengers, you can use it as a sticker while commenting on someone’s post/picture/video, even you can use it as WhatsApp stickers. Isn’t cool?

If you still haven’t created your custom avatar on Facebook or you’re finding a way to make your Facebook avatar, then don’t be yellow, here we are covering all the steps of creating a Facebook avatar on your PC, desktop, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and whatnot. Let’s jump in:

How Do You Make an Avatar on Facebook?

Step 1: Open your Facebook App on your Android phone and tap the three lines on the top right.

Step 2: For iPhone users, those lines will be at the lower right of the screen.

Step 3: Now, scroll down and click on the “See More” option.

Step 4: You’ll see the “Avatar” option right there. Tap on to open.

Step 5: Now, you’ll be at the avatar creator screen. Choose your skin-tone color, face shape, hairstyle, etc.

Step 6: Once you’ve done with all of your personalized stuff, this screen will come up.

Step 7: You’ll be able to share your created avatar on your feed/post and even you can set it as your Facebook profile picture.

Now you all set. You’ve created your own customized digital-avatar by using this new feature of Facebook. In case, if you’re not satisfied with your creation or wanted to edit it again then you are free to go. Facebook also allows you to edit your avatar as many times as you want to edit it furthermore. You can choose different outfits and accessories as per your mood or as per the occasions.

Some FAQs

Q. Can you make Facebook Avatar using desktop PC?

Facebook only allows you to create your digital-avatar with its Android and iOS app only. But, once it’s created, you’re allowed to use or share your created avatar as a sticker, emoji, profile picture, sent it to your friends, post publications, commenting, etc. with your computer as well.

Q. Is Facebook avatar maker not showing up or not available in your phone?

Well, if you’re an Android phone user, you have to check it first whether is your app updated to the latest version or not. If not, as soon as you’ll update it, you’ll be able to enjoy the Facebook avatar feature.

But, if you’re an iOS phone user and you can’t find the Facebook avatar option, and then let me tell you this feature is not rolled yet for the iOS users. Sooner or later it’ll roll in with a tiny update and after that, you’ll be able to create your Facebook Digital Avatar as well.

Q. Can you use and share Facebook Avatar stickers on WhatsApp?

Yes, of course. Since WhatsApp itself a product powered by Facebook, it allows you to share your custom Facebook avatar stickers as emoji in your WhatsApp chat as well. Let’s create some dope-shope mood in your WhatsApp group chats.

Q. How to edit your Facebook Avatar?

It’s also easy-peasy to do. Go to your “Avatar setting” from your Facebook App, your avatar screen will appear, click on the third “Pen” option from the top right side of your screen, and you good to go.

Another way, while you’re commenting on someone’s post, you’ll see the “Emoji” button right before the “GIF” & “Smileys” button, tap on it and you’ll see edit option down there to quick edit your digital avatar right away.

Our Last Words

After the Snapchat’s Bitmoji avatar creation feature, Facebook did very great work on it and launched their own avatar creator and editor as a Facebook inbuilt feature. Personally, we liked it very much and we found that the UI of Facebook avatar maker is very easy-to-use, fun to use we would say. Yesterday onward, we can see the flood of Facebook avatars that people are creating and sharing their cool digital avatars around the social platform. We always loved to see and cover this type of update in this digital era. Looking forward to covering some more tweaks that about to come.

You can also let us know your thoughts on this update from Facebook, do you like it or not, what options are missing in it, and what option would make it more creative to use. Comment box is all yours; we would love to reply to each of your comments. Bubye! Stay Safe!

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