Download iMessage for PC Windows 10/8/7 – Complete Installation Guide [2020]

Apple’s most searchable Instant Messenger “iMessage” allows users to send no-cost digital messages from all iOS devices like; iPad, MAC, iPhone, iPod, and Apple watches. Although, most people are relying on Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Hike Messenger, however, due to the wonderful features of Apple’s iMessage it’s becoming the best pick among all of them. Since iMessage is an Apple product and it is not accessible for Windows users, people seeking over the internet to find out a way to download and use iMessage on their Windows laptop/PCs.

We decided to cover this topic because we’ve found many questions on Quora and Reddit that people were asking there on how they can use Apple’s iMessage on Windows PC. Below are the top asked questions that we’ve tried to cover here:

  1. Why doesn’t Apple build iMessage for Windows?
  2. Is there any Apple iMessage application for Windows 10?
  3. Is there any way, without jailbreaking my iPhone, to use iMessage on a PC?
  4. How can iMessage be used through a windows computer?
  5. Can I get iMessage on my Windows 7 laptop without jailbreak my iPhone?
  6. Is that possible to download and use iMessage by using an emulator on windows 10?
  7. What are the best alternatives which are equivalent to Apple iMessage?
  8. Can you download iMessage on PC windows with jailbreak your iPhone? Is that safe?
  9. What are the possible ways to get install iMessage on PC without using my MAC?

Now, the real question comes, is that possible to get the iMessage app for Windows? Well, you’re not allowed to use iMessage on windows officially but there are many other methods where you can use your favorite messenger; iMessage on your Windows operating system. Today, we are here showing you 5 tested and working methods to get download and access iMessage on your PC windows 10,8,7.

How to Get iMessage on Your MAC?

Let’s start with the basics first, here we are explaining you the steps to access iMessage on your MAC computer. After this, we’ will explain to you all 5 methods to get download iMessage for Computer Windows. Below are the steps to set up iMessage on MAC:

Step 1: Open your MAC and search for the Message app or you can find it right below the taskbar.

Step 2: Open the app, and sign-in via using your Apple ID. If you don’t have any, click on the “Create new Apple ID” and create a new one.


Step 3: Once you logged-in, go on to “Messages” from the menu, click on “Preferences” and go to the “iMessage”.

Step 4: At last, put your number and email ID that you want to link from your iMessage account.

After going through the above steps, you are all set to go with iMessages on your MAC. Now, enjoy sending messages to all of your friends and can also sync your conversation from your iPhone to iPad, iPad to MAC, MAC to iPhone.

Let’s get move onward to our main topic, here we’re explaining all methods to get iMessage on Windows 10/8/7.

Method 1: Get iMessage for Windows Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Alright, by using Google Chrome Remote Desktop software, you can easily use iMessage on PC. Basically, Chrome Remote Desktop is just a remote desktop software that lets you share your one screen remotely to another PC by using the chrome browser as same as AnyDesk software does. For this method, all you need to have a Windows PC and a MAC and if you already have an iMessage app on your MAC device, you can remotely access iMessage on your PC Windows easily. Let’s move our eyes to the steps:

Step 1: Firstly, download the Chrome browser and Chrome Remote Desktop from its official website.

Step 2: Make sure you have installed it on both Windows PC and MAC systems.

Step 3: Open Chrome Remote Desktop to your PC’s Screen and launch the app.

Step 4: At the same time, download and install a program on your MAC named “Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer”.

Step 5: By clicking on the “ok” file will be downloaded automatically. Search for it and install it on your MAC.

Step 6: During the process, you might request your MAC password. If not, just follow the installation instructions on the screen.

Step 7: Open Chrome Remote Desktop on your MAC and you’ll see a 12 digit code there. Copy that code.

Step 8: Now, open Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows PC and paste that code from there to here in order to get connected remotely to your MAC.

Step 9: Finally, you are all set. Now, you can access iMessage on PC by using Chrome Remote Desktop.

Note: You need to make sure here, the WIFI connection you’re using should be the same WIFI connection that is connected to both devices. 

Method 2: iMessage for Windows Using a Free Emulator – iPadian

As you all know, most of the Android and iOS games/apps are not available for Windows OS. In order to install and access them, there are many free Android and iOS emulators are available over the internet. The iPadian is one of the famous and trustable free emulator among all which allows you to run any Android and iOS app on Windows OS. Let’s go ahead and quickly discuss the steps to run iMessage on PC using iPadian emulator:

Step 1: At first, download the iPadian emulator on your Windows PC from its official site (

Step 2: By clicking on the “download” button, download the “iPadian” emulator from the homepage.

Step 3: They’ll also offer you some “Search Manager” you can skip that step if you don’t want it.

Step 4: After skipping both the steps, file ipadian.exe will be downloaded in your PC.

Step 4: Install and launch the emulator by accepting all terms and conditions.

Step 5: Go to the “Search Box” and search for “iMessage” app.

Step 6: You’ll get the “iMessage” app in the searched results.

Step 7: Open the app and follow all on-screen instructions in order to install the app.

Step 8: Hurray! You can see the “iMessage” app installed in the “app drawer”. Open it, sign-in on it and enjoy using iMessage on PC.

Method 3: Download iMessage for PC Using BlueStacks Emulator

Well, Bluestacks comes right after the iPadian when we talk about the best free emulators available over the internet. It’s feasible to download iMessage for PC by using Bluestacks emulator as well. Although, the process is a bit as same as we’ve done by the iPadian. So, let’s start on it:

Step 1: Visit the Bluestacks official website. And download the emulator by clicking on the “Download Bluestack” button.

Step 2: “BluestackInstaller.exe” file will be downloaded in your PC. Install it by accepting all terms and conditions.

Step 3: After installation, open the emulator, tap in the “Search Box” and search for “iMessage”.

Step 4: Install the “iMessage” app in your emulator. Later, you can see the app in your app drawer.

Step 5: Boom! Locate to the app, open it, sign-in with your Apple ID, or create a new one if you’re not having any.

That’s all. Thus, you can download and use the iMessage app on your Windows without using MAC or without jailbreaking your iPhone.

Note: We’re suggesting you download “iMessage for PC” by using the iPadian emulator only to have a seamless experience. Still, the choice will be yours, we’re sharing this as per our experiences however, it’s our work to explain to you every method to get this done. 

Method 4: Access iMessage on PC by Jailbreak Your iPhone

Moreover, here’s another method to get download iMessage for PC by doing jailbreak your iPhone. Most of the new iPhone users will don’t prefer to go with this method because once you’ve got done with jailbreaking your iPhone, you will be no longer eligible for apple services, functionality, restrictions, conditions, and the guarantee of the set by the Apple Company. Still, a lot of people are doing it to access unofficial apps to their iPhone and get customized it according to them. So, if you’re ready to go with this method, we recommend you take all backup from your iOS device with iCloud and iTunes before going forward on it.

In this method, you need to jailbreak your iPhone with the help of Cydia Software. It has the directory of various applications providing varieties of themes, apps, tweaks, and many more to customize your device in your preferable way. Even it acts as an app store for Jail-broken iOS devices.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download and install the Cydia software from the official website.

Step 2: Secondly, you need to buy the “Remote Messages” app from the Cydia store. Whose main aim is to replicate various iOS functions by using the native iOS interface to any particular web browser.

Step 3: “Remote Messages” has huge collections of extensions and apps which you can customize as per your desire.

Step 4: Next, you will be able to connect with the modified web surface by the help of the IP address of the iPhone on your web browser by following ‘:333’.

Step 5: Once you’ve connected, you can browse and locate the “iMessage” app in the store.

Step 6: Download it, sign-in into it and start chatting with your friends.

Therefore, with the help of mentioned simple methods and easy steps, you will enjoy incredible features of iMessage on your personal computers.

Method 5: Get Best Alternatives of “iMessage for Windows”

Since it’s not authorized to access “iMessage on Windows” straightforward officially; you can better go with free alternatives out there which are very equivalent to the iMessage for PC. These instant messaging apps are legal and officially available for Windows 10/8/7 at free of cost. Above, we’ve already explained to you several ways on how you can download iMessage for Windows. Now, we’re going to tell you most popular, trustable and official alternatives of iMessage to PC:

1. WhatsApp Web for PC

WhatsApp is available for both the operating systems; iOS and Android. Also, they have launched their WhatsApp Web version years ago to let you access the WhatsApp on your Windows computers as well. All you have to do is, just go to Whatsapp Web on your windows PC, scan that given code from your mobile, and boom! You’re ready to chat with your family and friends. Not even chat, you can also see stories, post stories, see friend’s statuses, post your statuses, share media and receive media, etc.

However, few features are missing in WhatsApp Web like; you can’t do WhatsApp audio/video calls, can’t send audio messages, and your location statuses.

2. Facebook Messenger

More comparable to the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger similarly allows you over all the platforms to chat with your family and friends. Facebook Messenger is already available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10. It has all the features as same as iMessage has. You can do video calls, new chats, can see chat history, add new friends, see stories, post stories, send messages along with the emoji, and GIFs. It allows downloading more emojis and GIFs to let people better connect their conversations.

FAQs Section – iMessage for Windows

Q: What exactly this app is iMessage?

Ans: This application is all about instant messaging like WhatsApp. It is available only for iOS devices; iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod, and MAC. It offers you to send audio/text/media msgs to others, audio calls, and also you can play games in the iMessage app.

Q: Is there any difference between Message and iMessage App on iPhone?

Ans: Of course, both are different applications. They seem similar due to their names. You can use and send text “Messages” (has green bubble) to any of the users who are using any OS based mobile phone and it’ll bill you as per your telecom plan but on the other side, you can do “iMessage” (has blue bubble) to the users only that are using iOS devices. And “iMessage” is not billable it’s free; you just need an internet connection to do iMessage to your iOS friends.

Q: What devices are compatible with iMessage on PC app?

Ans: As we already mentioned above, this app officially accessible for all iOS devices only. Unofficially, you can get it on your Windows 10 PC by using iOS emulators.

Q: How can I download iMessage on my iOS device?

Ans: Actually, you don’t need to download it separately. iMessage app comes by default in all iOS devices you just might need to enable it in some cases.

Q: Does iMessage support video calling?

Ans: No, iMessage does not support video calling. But, if you start a video call by tapping on the video call option from your contact, that act will forward you to the Facetime app which is developed for the video calls on iOS devices precisely.

Q: Can I uninstall or remove iMessage on PC or mobile?

Ans: No babe! You can’t uninstall “iMessage” from your iOS devices. As we mentioned above, it comes by default from the factory, you just can disable it by going to the settings. On the other side, if you are accessing iMessage on your Windows PC by using any iOS emulator on your PC then only you can uninstall it from your app drawer.

Finally, wrapping it up

Well, “How can I get iMessage for PC” is the most searched topic around the search engines and we tried our best to cover all of your queries and doubts on the same in this article. We’re hoping, with the help of explained methods above, you can easily use iMessage on your Windows 10 PC. Personally, we have also tried all the above methods by ourselves so that we can recommend you the best one from it. And we’ve experienced that the “Download iMessage for Windows Using iPadian” method is the best one which has worked properly without any issues.

Alright peeps, if you still have any doubts/issues on the same, you can let us know by commenting in the below box. Bye!