How to Disable Auto Playing Videos on Google Chrome?

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Who hasn’t faced the frustration of auto playing videos in Google Chrome at every moment while using the internet? Everyone wants the Google chrome disable autoplay videos option to access the internet without any interruption. While scrolling down the searching queries, whenever we visit a website, either a music or movie video starts interrupting us affecting our data. It is such an annoying state which interrupts and distracts our mind from the current work that we were doing at that time.

Although Google Chrome disables few autoplay videos by default but still the problem persists. Usually, the videos that are auto played are without sound but in case you interacted with the website before, then the auto played videos are played with sound.

In this article, we will see the different methods to overcome this problem:

How to Disable Auto Played Videos on Google Chrome in Android?

The very first method is to disable the auto played videos on Android Phones which is presently used by millions of people worldwide. Most of the time, we are always in a hurry to search for a particular thing on mobile as it is very handy for personal use and then if unwanted videos start to play automatically it is very irritating. Let us see in detail to disable the auto played videos below:

1) At first, click on the Google Chrome browser and then click on the 3 dots present on the right side of the Chrome app.

2) Next step is to tap on the “Settings” option. Then tap on the “site settings”.


3) Now you will see the “Media” option. Under that you will find the “Autoplay” feature inbuilt into it. Just toggle that button and you are done with it.


Therefore this is how you can easily overcome with this annoying problem of auto played ads or videos.

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How to Mute Autoplay Videos on Google Chrome?

The second method is to mute all the autoplay videos since we do not have chrome settings of stop or disable videos. One can mute every webpage but also can perform the action of enabling audios for those videos that you use regularly. So let us see the further steps in detail:

1) Open the Google Chrome browser and click on the 3 dots appearing on the left side of the drop-down menu in the top corner.

2) Now there you will have the option of “Settings” in it. Click on that option.


3) On the left hand side you will see the option of “Privacy and Security”. Just click on it and then you will see another option as “Site Settings”, tap on it.


4) Next just after tapping, you will see the “Additional content settings” where under the “sound” option, you will see that it is written there to “Mute Sites that play sound”. Enable that option and now you are done for that website.


5) In case if you want to unmute the video, just right click the tab and you will see the option of “Unmute site”.


Therefore this is how one can mute the auto played videos on Google Chrome.

How to Disable the Autoplay Videos with Special Desktop Shortcut?

Now this option is to totally stop the auto played videos with the help of Desktop shortcut option. Let us quickly see how:

1) After doing right click on the desktop, tap on “New” and then click on “shortcut”.

2) Now you will see a pop up box where “Create Shortcut” option.


3) Now click on browse and you have to navigate to this path “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” for the Chrome .exe-file.

4) After selecting the path, click on the “Ok” button. Just hold on now and do not tap on the “Next” button.

5) Before that, just add this “–autoplay-policy=user-required” to theURL. So your final URL should look like this: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”–autoplay-policy=user-required


6) Now after following the above step, click on “Next” button. Just after this action, it will prompt for the shortcut name. Write any of the names that you wanted and tap on the “Finish” button.


Now do check that it is working fine and still if you persist any issues, so not forget to comment below.

What are the Steps to Disable Autoplay with Chrome Extensions on Desktop?

Chrome extensions play a severe role in halting the auto played videos on your Google Chrome browser. It works on most of the website as well. For best results, you should also use Chrome extensions as well. Let us see how:

You need to download and install the extension in order to disable auto played videos. For that visit the Chrome webs store and search the following plugins or just follow the below links to download the plugins:

Wrapping Up!!

Therefore, this is how we can easily deal with this problem. Well, if you still have issues do comment here. We will be happy to resolve your issue. Do share this article with your friends. Thanks readers!!