Top 20 Cool and Useful Amazon Alexa Skills You Need To Know About

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Amazon Alexa can quickly take up an essential shape in your home coupled with its versatile skills which enable the voice assistant to establish connectivity with software and hardware for performing various tasks. Whether you are ordering restaurant food for dinner or booking tickets for the weekend baseball match, Alexa can keep your back at all times. With more than 70000 skills to choose from, you are bound to feel spoilt for choice while using this unique solution of all your requirements. 

Must Try Cool Amazon Alexa Updated Skills in 2021

Today we are going to take you through some of the best skills which you need to activate on your Amazon Alexa and benefit out of its versatile potential.

1. Command Video and Voice Calls

You can place both video and voice calls between Alexa-enabled devices like Echo Dot, Echo Slow, Echo as well as your smartphone’s Alexa app. Herein Alexa browses through the contact list of your phone book searching for contacts having an Echo device or Alexa app for providing you with option of placing a call to their number.

2. Stay Updated with Prime Offers

You can ask “Alexa, what are your deals?” for gaining insights on the Prime member-exclusive deals which can correspondingly be ordered. The Voice Shopping page of Amazon can also come to your assistance in such a case by providing you with sentences which can be used for triggering them.

3. Get News About the Universe

If you are curious about the happenings on Red Planet, then you can seek out the assistance of NASA Mars skill for updating your information regarding the same. The Curiosity rover can also answer commonly asked questions regarding the planet.

4. Let Alexa Do Care

Alexa’s ‘What to Expect’ skill can cater to the requirements of expectant parents by providing them with guides and weekly tips which can be customized in accordance with your due date. Advice pertaining to the first year of your child’s life is also provided by this Alexa skill.

5. Get Daily Meal Suggestions

If you are feeling clueless about dinner ideas, then you can seek out the assistance of Alexa in regards to the same.  Campbell’s Kitchen skill provides with five new options every day with both directions and ingredients sent to your Alexa app on picking any one. Morton’s Salting Sous Chef can advise you expertly regarding the optimum salt level in everything you cook while delivering general salting tips.

6. Make Your Playlist Handy

Music can be streamed from a variety of services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn, Vevo, Pandora etc. using Alexa. It also becomes possible to launch playlists with Amazon’s music library based on specific eras, activities, mood and artists.

7. Get Emergency Help and Instructions

A skill has been released by the Mayo Clinic for providing basic answers pertaining to everything ranging from CPR instructions to dealing with minor scratches. However, this skill is strictly for instructional purposes and it is imperative to call for help if you ever face an emergency or life-threatening situation.

8. Hey Alexa, Keep Me Fit

If sedentary lifestyle is causing a build-up of love handles around your waist line, then you can seek out the help of Alexa for getting back to shape coupled with its 7-minute workout skill. The virtual assistant can suggest tested exercises which can hike up your degree of metabolism, remove excess fat and improve your energy level.

9. Keep Your Guitar Always Tunned

Alexa can be used like a pitch pipe by enabling its Guitar Tuner to ensure that every string is in tune. This can be of great help while carrying out training as a tune will be played by Alexa and you will have to keep on practising until it matches with the hymn played.

10. Keep Calm and Feel Great

You can rejuvenate your senses after a hectic day at office coupled with the Meditation Timer of Alexa which will enquire about your desired meditation time and thereafter play rain, forest or surf sounds for helping you with the same.

11. Your Virtual Banking Manager

The Amex Alexa skill helps American Express-card holders to manage their accounts for making a payment, checking account balance, checking credit and review charges.

12. Stay Updated with Your Travel Plans

People having a Kayak account can plan a trip by enabling Alexa to track flights and check its prices. You can even specify your budget and allow Kayak Explore to provide you with various options which can be tried out in the upcoming vacations.

13. Try Cool Cocktails on the Weekend

Enabling the Bartender skill can provide you with access to 12000 different cocktail recipes. This can be of great assistance if you wish to surprise your house guests with the perfect Negroni or churn out a randomly selected cocktail.

14. Easy TED Presentations

You can listen to TED presentations via your Alexa-enabled device by activating its TED Talks skill. It is also possible to search topics which interest you as well as those delivered by a particular speaker while browsing through contents which are updated on a weekly basis.

15. Control Your Xbox Through Voice Command

Microsoft’s Xbox skill can assist you in exercising control over your Xbox One console using voice commands. You can thus switch your device on and off, launch games, adjust the volume and even capture screenshots by simply turning your Xbox on and enabling the skill.

16. Get Weather Forecasts Wherever You Go

The built-in support for weather forecasts help Alexa in providing hyper-local forecasts through its Big Sky skill based on your street address. Information is collated by this service from Dark Sky for providing data pertaining to humidity and wind speed.

17. Manage Your Home Appliances Smartly

Rather than leaving your TV or lights on while leaving house, you can activate the ‘Away Mode’ on Alexa for tricking burglars into thinking that the house is not empty. A recorded conversation will thus be played by Alexa sounding like a mother trying to assemble Ikea furniture, a space-pirate roleplay game or a would-be podcaster.

18. Get Medical Consultation

If your pet is acting strangely due to health ailments, then you can discuss his symptoms with MyPetDoc following which Alexa will ask you some simple questions to provide readymade advice. In case if Alexa is clueless regarding the treatment plan, it will forward your conversation along with phone number to a vet who will call you within a few minutes.

19. Send Messages Without Even Touching the Phone

SMS messages can be sent via hands-free mode by android smartphone users using the Alexa app. iPhone owners on the other hand will require the backing of a third-party skill like Mastermind which can assist you with transmission of SMS messages, locating your phone, turning on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, getting to known about its battery life, starting Google Maps and sending articles to Alexa from your phone.

20. Get Trading Updates and Share Performance Reports

After enabling the Opening Bell skill of Alexa, you can gain insights on the stock price of a company using its natural name in the place of its symbol.