10 Best Gaming Headsets in 2021 – Finest Headsets for PC, PS4 & Xbox One


Market of gaming headsets is a tricky one for navigation because of the availability of more than hundreds of products and each product targets varying platforms, price points and specific gamers. However, irrespective of the type of a console gamer, the following gaming headset of 2020 will definitely grab your attention.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger headset is a perfect option for all individuals who want to get an affordable headset without making compromise on the product quality. 

  • It is not only strong, but also is lightweight to allow users wearing it in a comfortable manner. Reason for this is that Stinger comes with faux-leather combined with a memory foam type of ear-cups.
  • Gamers will definitely be impressed with the outstanding audio performance and rich sound of HyperX Cloud Stinger headset.
  • Along with this, microphone of the device works in a well manner and mutes itself while retract

Logitech G430 Surround Sound


Game lovers may now experience a highly immersive 360-degree based sound field with the help of G430 Surround Sound headset powered by Logitech.

  • In addition, the product incorporates soft sport cloth type of ear-cups with swivel of 90-degree and lightweight design to provide highest possible level of comfort and personalized fit.
  • Moreover, the product has noise-cancelling and folding boom type of MIC that intends to reduce background noise and thereby, allow clear voice pick and rotation.
  • As Logitech G430 is a compatible headset, it works easily with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, PS4 and other similar types of computer systems.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force 450

Turtle Beach Ear Force 450 is a wireless PC-operable gaming headset that comes with a large number of top quality features.

  • It has high quality and large size i.e. about 50mm of over-ear or closed speakers to deliver thundering lows and crisp highs sounds.
  • In addition, it has DTS Headphone:X 7.1 type of surround sound to deliver an amazing, 360-degree and 3D-based sound scapes with an unmatched spatial accuracy.
  • Moreover, the product comes with an exclusive sound setting of Superhuman hearing that gives gamers a competitive benefit by allowing hearing various soft sounds, such as sneaking-up of enemies’ footsteps from the background.
  • Moreover, the headset offers various modes related to DTS Surround Sound and four EQ audio presets of Turtle Beach and MIC monitoring to avoid any external noise and sensitive MIC to remove while enjoying music and watching movies.
  • Along with this, Turtle Beach Ear Force 450 incorporates audible vocal prompts, compatibility with tablets or mobiles and a rechargeable battery.

Logitech G533


Logitech G533 has proved to be an outstanding wireless-based audio performance to the already existing gaming gear for the next generation.

  • This headset features Pro-G type of audio drivers and DTS X7.1 operated headphones.
  • Furthermore, the product comes with an ability of recreating various in-gaming environmental effects and position-based audio, which game designers often intend to enjoy.
  • The product also provides you with 15-meter of wireless range in combination with lossless digitized audio transmission and battery life of about 15hours on only one charge. Because of the latest materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, Logitech G533 has proved to be a durable and a lightweight headset to wear for many hours.
  • Other features of the product are noise-canceling type of microphone to facilitate clear chats, MIC mute button and on-ear roller to help in fast audio adjustment and control volume respectively.

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Razer Kraken Pro


Game console users looking for an easily usable type of headset should definitely go with the Razer Kraken Pro headset available in the market.

  • It has a perfect structure because of the use of metal on ear-cups and has shorter cable to allow clean and easy connection within the controller.
  • Everyone will definitely like its overall appearance because of its stylish design and exclusive feeling.
  • Along with this, slightly Bassy signature makes the sound quality of the product excellent and an ideal option for gaming activities.

Steel Series Arctis 3


  • Steelseries Arctis 3 is an ultimate headset option for every individual passionate to enjoy PC and PS4 games.
  • The headset is able to connect with almost every type of gaming systems, which include PS4, Switch, PC and Xbox with the help of 3.5mmcable and at the same time, lets you mix in phone calls, VoIP chat and music via wireless connection with the help of Bluetooth.

Corsair Void Pro

  • Corsair Void Pro is a wireless headset and it gives exceptional comfort, legendary Corsair durability and epic audio performance to deliver a pleasant gaming experience.
  • Microfiber mesh fabric combined with memory foam type of ear cups allow you to play it for many hours while simultaneously providing you comfort and airflow.
  • Besides this, you will be able to enjoy the precision associated with custom tuning of 50mm speaker drivers and entirely new type of noise-cancelling microphone to achieve clear communication.
  • Battery life of Corsair Void Pro headset is 16hours, while it incorporates 2.4GHz of wireless technology to deliver maximum 40feet range.

Sades SA902


  • Sades SA902 headset comes with exclusive sound quality to satisfy a large number of gamers. It even acts as a better option to watch movies and enjoy music simultaneously.
  • In addition, the product has a thoughtful design and is of lightweight combined with metallic torso to stretch a bit.
  • Moreover, the MIC of the headset swivels about 160degree to go parallel or down all the way with the arch in headphones.
  • Along with this, the product has a strong cable with USB connector as well as nylon protection.

Kinden Gaming


  • Try out a unique design and a unique luxurious type of antique brass processing headset available under the name of Kinden Gaming.
  • The product is compatible with every device, such as PCs, tablets, PS4 and smartphones.
  • Kinden Gaming provides 3D sound effects to support mute mode, near-field mode, broad mode, super bass mode and Hi-Fi live mode.

Ghostek Hero Series


  • Lastly, we will talk about the Ghostek Hero Series incorporating 120-degree of microphone rotation range to guarantee that the microphone will never interfere in your way while you engage in a job.
  • In addition, the product has an integrated type of volume controller to hear whispering of your enemy agents.


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