Apple Plans OLED Displays Switch with 32 and 42 Inch 2027 Models


Tech research company Omdia claims that Apple will shift most of its MacBook, iPad, and external display models to OLED displays by 2027. Get ready for sparkling visuals!

Get ready for an OLED Revolution! According to Omdia’s fresh IT OLED display projections (as seen by OLEDInfo), there’s a significant surge in global OLED shipments on the horizon – soaring from about 9.7 million units in 2022 to over 70 million in 2028. While laptops emerge as a primary source of growth, the number of OLED tablets will also significantly expand during this period. Keep your eyes peeled, and stay ahead of the curve!

According to insiders, Apple’s decision to increase use of OLED displays has a major role in the expected surge. Reports suggest that Apple is gearing up to launch new iPad Pro models, which will sport OLED displays, next year. By 2026, LCD and mini-LED displays will be phased out entirely. If that’s not enough, experts speculate that Apple has a trick up its sleeve – a foldable 20-inch iPad Pro complete with OLED display to revolutionize on-the-go work and play. How’s that for innovation?

Apple’s future iMac or external display models are set to dazzle with QD-OLED or WOLED panels making an entrance in 2027. This news only intensifies existing anticipation as the Pro Display XDR currently holds the crown for Apple’s lone 32-inch display product. Even more exciting is the news of the new 42-inch device. Surely, future Apple users are in for a treat!

Tushar Rajput

Tushar Rajput

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